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Dealing with healthcare and healthcare reform is a lot like visiting a foreign country...

The people speak a different language, have customs that seem alien, and even their markets and currency can be hard to grasp.  If you needed to do business there you could drop everything for several years and immerse yourself in the culture.  Or you could simply hire a guide to take you wherever you wanted to go, translate with the natives, and help you navigate the marketplace.

Craig Kinghorn

Well the world of healthcare and healthcare reform have their own guides; people who steer large businesses away from risk and toward opportunities.  People who study all the new laws so that they can recognize where there are landmines and where there are goldmines.

But like other aspects of “high finance”, you rarely meet these people outside corporate boardrooms or the hallowed halls of Congress.  Our next guest is just such a person.

Craig Kinghorn has been in the health insurance industry for 35 years setting up and managing insurance companies, designing health plans, and helping employers avoid insurance companies altogether by setting up their own self-insured programs.

Put Simply...

The world of healthcare and healthcare reform is like doing business in a foreign country; it’s complex, confusing, and fraught with dangers and well as opportunities.

Most of us are ill equipped to deal with it – especially during times of rapid change.

To make things easier, we could use someone to act as a guide.

When it comes to healthcare and healthcare reform, Craig is just such a guy,

Large companies pay him to research the laws and tell them how they can take advantage of them to find opportunity and avoid risk.

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