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June 5, 2017

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Fox News with Gretchen Carlson.

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Election night 2006, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Mark emcees Gov. Schwarzenegger's election night celebration (with Tom Arnold)... Watch Now.

Mark with Larry King on CNN. October 24, 2006

Watch on YouTube:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Election night, 2006: After MC'ing the entire rally so far, Mark has just intro'ed Tom Arnold who brings on the Governator (Arnold thanks them both)

Watch Online.
Interview with Rep. Duncan Hunter (guest-hosting for Roger Hedgecock)

Listen on YouTube.
Mark interviews Enrique Morones.

Listen on YouTube:
Part One
Part Two  








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Podcast RSS


The Mark Larson Show — 6/12/09 - Hour 1
Larson covers national politics with former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney. Some of the topics include medical insurance, Iran elections, Digital TV conversion, post space shuttle program, California taxes, and President Obama. An exciting hour that includes, Miles O' Brien from the Air and Space Museum of San Diego and Tom Del Beccaro from 'politicalvanguard.com'.
The Mark Larson Show — 6/11/09 - Hour 2
Columnist Ann Coulter talks with politics with Larson. Tom York from the San Diego Business Journal discusses business changes in San Diego. And author James Hirsen f(Left Coast Report) banters HOT TOPICS: The firing of Miss California, the fight between David Letterman and Sarah Palin, and Starlet Heather Graham practices witchcraft? It's all LIVE and LOCAL! It's the Mark Larson Show!
The Mark Larson Show — 6/9/09 - Hour 1
On this 9th day of June 2009 Mark Larson speaks with the only and only Michael Reagan, son of our former 'beloved' Commander and Chief. Can the GOP be brought 'BACK' together on their founding principles? Mark and Michael discuss it. Also, former Ambassador John Bolton stops by to share how dangerous North Korea actually is to our national security!
The Mark Larson Show — 6/8/09 - Hour 1
Mark is joined by Nathan Fletcher (Asst. Minority leader in Sacramento) to discuss the state of 'State' finances. And Chris Chapp from Enough is Enough talks about the risk within the NEW search engine, BING!
The Mark Larson Show — 6/5/09 - Hour 2
Hour #2 of Mark Larson's LIVE broadcast from the Reagan Ranch ("the Ranch in the Sky"). Guests this hour include Jason Matera from the "Young American's for Freedom" talking about Democratic overspending. Andrew Coffin, Director of the Reagan Ranch chats with Mark as well about the purpose of the ranch and what is stands for!
The Mark Larson Show — 6/5/09 - Hour 1
Mark Larson broadcasts LIVE from the Reagan Ranch ("The Ranch in the Sky") on the 5th anniversary of former President Ronald Reagan's death. Mark talks with Gov. George Allen about Regan's foreign policy, and compare's it to the opposite - that of President Obama's. Peter Schweizer author of several Reagan books joins Mark in several Reagan memories.
The Mark Larson Show — 6/4/09 - Hour 1
Mark is joined by David Aikman to discuss the Obama speech given to the muslim world. Some choice excerpts, will also be played and toiled about with some 'Larson common sense'! Also on the show, the topic of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre.
The Mark Larson Show — 6/3/09 - Hour 2
Can a Muslim be a Muslim without abiding by Sharia law? Larson discusses that with a listener. In the latter part of the hour he talks with Rowan Scarborough - nukes in Pakistan, and Obama's defense budget. It's LIVE & LOCAL!
The Mark Larson Show — 6/3/09 - Hour 1
Mark Larson talks with Carl Demaio of the city council about pension plans in San Diego. Andrew Coffin from the Reagan Ranch joins the show to talk about the 5th anniversary of Reagan's death. Mark also discusses pandering to the muslim community by the government with Tim Graham.
The Mark Larson Show — 6/2/09 - Hour 2
Mark will discuss President Obama's interview with the BBC on Middle East peace, etc. Tony Krvaric, Chairman of the GOP of San Diego joins Mark to discuss the leadership in the Republican Party.
The Mark Larson Show — 6/2/09 - Hour 1
Hour 1 of the Mark Larson Show for June 2nd, 2009 features guests like Congressman Duncan D. Hunter.


Christopher Horner — 12/03/08
Christopher Horner new book Red Hot Lies and organizations like Greenpeace up at arms. Mark finds out why.
Chuck Norris — 12/02/08
We spoke to Chuck Norris abouthis new book, Black Belt Patriotism...and we found out that he is a big Elvis fan!
G Gordon Liddy — 11/14/08
G Gordon Liddy joined Mark to give him his own unique take on the bailouts that Congress is pondering.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — 10/31/08
Again, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Mark and threatened him with more violence!!
Amity Shlaes — 10/28/08
Amity Shlaes has written a new book about a possible new Great Depression called "The Forgotten Man". She joined Mark to discuss the book.
Steve Doocy — 10/13/08
Steve Doocy from FOX News joined Mark to talk about his new book and explain "naked fatherhood"
Ted Nugent — 10/10/08
The Wild Man himself, Ted Nugent, swung by and gave Mark a heaping helping of common sense while pitching his new book, "Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto"
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — 09/25/08
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Mark to talk about finally passing a state budget and what could take precedence over a bill banning pets in laps while driving!?
Miles O'Brien — 09/24/08
CNN's Space Correspondent, Miles O'Brien joined Mark to talk about the space program, and gave us one of the great lines of the morning.
Jon Voight — 09/19/08
Hollywood legend Jon Voight joined Mark for a lengthy conversation.
Jill Stanek — 08/21/08
Jill Stanek is the nurse at the center of the live abortion issue. She joined Mark to tell her stories from Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — 08/15/08
The Governator joined Mark to answer questions about the state's fiscal issues and allegations of host abuse.
Daniel Silva — 08/13/08
Author Daniel Silva joined Mark to talk about his book, which is scaring the pants off of Mark, which reads like a blueprint for the new Russian offensive.
John Bolton — 07/30/08
Former US Ambassador, John Bolton joined Mark to talk about foreign policy.
T. Boone Pickens — 07-25-08
Oil magnate T. Boone Pickens granted Mark an extremely rare radio interview, and from his private jet no less!!!
Martha Williamson — 07-16-08
Creator of "Touched By An Angel", Martha Williamson joined Mark to talk about her new project, available exclusively on www.atouchofencouragement.com
Right on the Mark — 07/14/08
Mark's commentary about the passing of his friend Tony Snow
Tony Snow (1955-2008) — 07-14-08
The is an interview Mark did with his friend Tony Snow from October 2, 2007. It is being re-posted in his memory.
General John Abizaid — 07-07-08
Retired General John Abizaid joined Mark to discuss the progress of the war in Iraq.
Victor Davis Hanson — 07-03-08
Author of many, many, MANY books, Victor Davis Hanson joined Mark to talk about how liberal Barack Obama really is.
Independence Day Rant — 07/03/08
Mark rants about our nation's birthday and how the meaning is getting lost in translation.
Religious Poll — 06/24/08
It light of the Dobson-Obama fracus, there is a Pew Forum poll which says that more people are believing in God, just on their own terms. Mark has a one man discussion about it.
Right On The Mark 06-13-07
Does the U.S Senate think that 'We the People" are just not getting it when it comes to immigration?
Kimberly Dozier — 06/03/08
A continuation of her interview on 5/19...War correspondent Kimberly Dozier wrote a book chronicling the time when her convoy fell victim to a roadside bomb, killing three. She joined Mark to discuss her book, "Breathing the Fire".
Wesley Smith — 05/16/08
Plants are MURDER!! Wesley Smith, author of "The Silent Scream of the Asparagus", joined Mark to discuss plant rights?!
Mark Remembers Wally Schirra
Mark Remembers his friend, Astronaut Wally Schirra.
Right On The Mark 05-04-07
Mark Remembers his friend, Astronaut Wally Schirra.
Gov. Schwarzenegger Live Interview
Mark and the Governor talk about Healthcare, the Prison System, and much more in an exclusive interview.
"24" Creator, Joel Surnow
The creator of the hit TV show, "24", talks about his new project, a conservative news satire on the Fox News Channel called, "The Half Hour News Hour".
Mary Lou Retton
Olympic Gold Medalist talks about sports, injuries and life in-studio with Mark.
Imprisoned Border Patrol Agents
Tara Setmeyer, assistant to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, accompanied Rep Tom Tancredo on a visit to see Border Patrol Agent Romos in the prison where he is being held for shooting a feeling drug smuggling suspect. He was put in general population after being promised protective custody, and was visciously attacked for his law enforcement ties and then refused medical treatment for 2 days.
The Mark Larson Show 12-30-06
The 2006 Mark Larson Show Year In Review, done by "Hard Working Producer" Anna.
The Mark Larson Show 12-12-06
Famous Novelist Anne Rice, (Author of "Interview With a Vampire") talks to Mark about her book "Christ the Lord" and why you won't be reading another Rice vampire book anytime soon.
The Mark Larson Show 12-6-07
Mark talks with Pat Buchanan about the Iraqi Study Group Report and other news.
The Mark Larson Show 11-28-06
Fox News Analyst and former CIA agent, Wayne Simmons, talks with Mark about the death of a former Russian KGB agent.
The Mark Larson Show 11-28-06
Mark catches up with John Stossel and finds out about his show "Cheap in America".
The Mark Larson Show 11-07-06
Mark talks with Tom Delay about the mid-term elections.
The Mark Larson Show 10-30-06
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the election and his optimism and wonders why after 30 years of trying to be identified as an actor, that's all he can be identified as now.
The Mark Larson Show 10-24-06
Live at the White House, Mark Larson discusses controlling spending in Washington with Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Rob Portman.
The Mark Larson Show 10-11-06
Mark talks to Oliver North about the plane crash in NYC and the conflict with North Korea.
The Mark Larson Show 10-03-06
Mark talks with Karl Rove, Senior Advisor to President Bush.
The Mark Larson Show 09-21-06
Mark talks to Father Joe about the City Attorney's proposal to make some parts of the city legal for the homeless to sleep without fear of being ticketed.
Mark Larson Show 08-15-06
Mark talks with Donna Rice Hughes about keeping your kids safe while on the internet.
The Mark Larson Show 8-1-06
Dick Morris on the days news and Pastor Chris Chadwick and Attorney Tim Chandler about his current lawsuit with the city of San Diego.
The Mark Larson Show 06-23-06
Mark gets an update from Rep Brian Bilbray about his first few weeks in congress.
The Mark Larson Show — 06-02-06
Mark interviews White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, and Tony insults Mark's hair.