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Captain Cernan makes frequent appearances at selected events around the world. Everywhere he goes, he not only shares the excitement of his experience in the U.S. space program, but also inspires new generations to reach for the stars... excellling in science, engineering and exploration.

"Space is one of the greatest untapped educational resources available to us. That is why I propose that Americans collectively develop a unique educational program led by our civil space agency--a program that would stimulate a youngster's imagination in pursuit of a dream.

The U.S. should challenge its youth beyond their own expectations by giving them a chance to be on board during our voyage to the stars, not simply as a passenger who has $20 million for a ticket to ride into orbit, but as a crew member selected for a purpose. This can and should be done now, not later.
Such an endeavor would give aspiring scientists, engineers, aviators, photographers, teachers and artists an opportunity to experience firsthand the excitement and challenge of discovery. Just imagine a youngster entering high school knowing that he or she might realize the dream of actually flying in space before graduating and going off to college. How about that as a motivational force for studying science and math? Make learning fun and you can teach a kid anything!"
— Capt. Eugene A. Cernan

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